Simon Taylor – Illusionist

Simon Taylor - Illusionist

Simon Taylor defines the difference between sleight of hand and sleight of mind magic.

Through studies in psychology, practice of hypnosis and experience in the performing arts he is able to blend a range of skills into an unforgettable presentation of illusion.   His personable demeanour and energetic performance style allows Simon to deliver high powered entertainment with intellectually captivating content.

Based in Melbourne, Simon has continued to produce sold out stage shows.   Along with performing at private corporate events, he currently runs a weekly magic show called My Magic Thursdays .  He is regularly sought after by science groups and academics for his understanding of human behaviour and insight into the construction of illusion.

These are illusions for the mind, about the mind.

Simon’s performance will form part of the Commemorative Ceremony
Thursday March 18th in Diggers Rest.

More info about the Commemorative Ceremony click here
More info about Simon Taylor click here

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